Dr. Simon Miles

Department of Informatics
King's College London

+44 (0)20 7848 1166

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Please see the student handbook to see which modules I am teaching at present. Course materials are available from the College's e-learning site during teaching term.


I am head of the Agents and Intelligent Systems research group in the Department of Informatics. The group works on distributed artificial intelligence and automated reasoning. The major areas of focus are in multi-agent systems, argumentation, normative systems, machine learning, market-based control, uncertainty, and data provenance. The group leads research into modelling of arguments, provenance, and norms, and the development of reasoning over these in practical systems, in particular in healthcare and clinical research, to support legal reasoning, in economic marketplaces, in analysis of social networks, and in aerospace applications.

My own research interests relate to e-research (particularly the provenance of data), and multi-agent systems (particularly normative systems). Since 2000, I have published over 120 papers in these areas. A selection of my recent journal articles are listed below.

For full details and a wider selection, please see my CV or my publications in KCL's publication repository.


I am currently an investigator on the following projects. Please see my CV for past projects.


I am an invited expert to the W3C working group on provenance, which produced a standard specifying how to represent provenance data for exchange online, PROV, including many supporting documents explaining how the provenance data may be accessed and queried, translated to other representations, extended, and so on. The specifications were published as an official W3C recommendation in April 2013. An overview of the specifications can be seen here.

In particular, I was co-editor of a primer on the recommended model for provenance data. This is an accessible starting point for anyone wishing to learn about PROV.

PhD Students

I am currently first supervisor of the following students (areas of expertise in italics).

  • Christopher Haynes: Norms, organisational performance
  • Tomas Vitek: Emergent social norms, smart cities
I am second supervisor of the following students.
  • Paraskevi Zerva: Non-functional properties, provenance, composite services
  • Tsvetan Zhivkov: Emergency services data analytics
I was a supervisor of PhD graduates Lina Barakat, Valeriia Haberland, Benjamin Herd, and Matthew Shaw.

I am not taking on further PhD students at the moment.


I have been involved in the organisation of many workshops and conferences. Please see my CV for details.


Student availability

Please email me if you wish to arrange an appointment.


My office is S6.11, in the Strand building on the Strand campus of King's College London. If you have trouble accessing the lab where my office is based, please call extension 1166 on one of the phones outside the lab doors.

Research group

Agents & Intelligent Systems academics and researchers: