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Slides from the recent How to finish a PhD and have a successful viva presentation are available here, with thanks to Toby Walsh, some of whose slides are adapted for inclusion here.

Below is a list of useful articles about the nature of doing a PhD

April 2011
One of my former PhD students, Ronald Ashri, pointed me at this, an excellent and simple illustrated guide to a PhD.

January 2011
Tim Radford A manifesto for the simple scribe – my 25 commandments for journalists
[Not really about writing a PhD, but good advice about writing (and for a PhD thesis) all the same.]
Former Guardian science editor, letters editor, arts editor and literary editor Tim Radford has condensed his journalistic experience into a handy set of rules for aspiring hacks
Source: The Guardian

March 2009
David A. Patterson Your Students Are Your Legacy
This Viewpoint boils down into a few magazine pages what I've learned in my 32 years of mentoring Ph.D. students.
Source: Communications of the ACM, Vol 52, No 3, Pages 30-33

April 2009 Matthew Reisz,
Brush up your writing skills if you want to get published
Well-written academic papers are far more likely to pass editorial scrutiny. Matthew Reisz reports
Source: Times Higher Education, 16 April 2009

September 2006
: Harriet Swain, Refine the words to spell success
The end of your PhD may be in sight but, warns Harriet Swain, the first draft is only the start of the writing-up process. Editing, revision and a careful look at presentation are key to producing a good thesis...
Source: Times Higher Education, 1 September 2006

February 2007:
Matthew Killeya, What to expect from life as a postgrad
HERE'S one thing we learned this month: no two scientists have the same experience during their master's or PhD. New Scientist has talked to a wide range of prominent researchers about their postgraduate years, and discovered a great deal about their personal journeys to the top flight of science (see "What I've learned..."). ...more
Source: New Scientist, 17 February 2007

February 2007: Susan Bassnett, Looks seem to be everything
Twice in recent months I have come across PhD students quoting from Wikipedia in their dissertations...
Source: Times Higher Education, 9 February 2007