Shalom Lappin

Professor of Computational Linguistics

Department of Philosophy

King’s College London




Main Research Interests

·         Formal and computational semantics

·         Computational linguistics and natural language processing

·         Cognitive basis of language acquisition

·         Formal models of grammar




                                Publications                   Recent Papers                      Research Projects



                                                                             NASSLLI 2014 Course


                                                                         SMOG: Statistical Models of Grammaticality


                                                                   Linguistic Nativism and the Poverty of the Stimulus                                                                         


                                                             MA in Language and Cognition at King’s College London 



Contact details

Department of Philosophy
King’s College London,
London WC2R 2LS,

tel. 44-(0)20-7848 2541
fax 44(02)20-7848 2270