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10.03.2016 (Thursday)

3d N=2 dualities with monopoles

Regular Seminar Sara Pasquetti (Surrey U.)

14:00 QMW
room G.O. Jones 610

I will present several new 3d N=2 dualities with super-potentials involving monopole operators. Some of the theories that I will discuss describe systems of D3 branes ending on pq-webs. In these cases 3d mirror symmetry is a consequence of S-duality.

13.02.2013 (Wednesday)

Holomorphic blocks in 3 dimensions

Exceptional Seminar Sara Pasquetti (Surrey)

16:30 KCL
room S-2.18

This is the first Polygon meeting, which is meant to be complementary to Triangles, with local speakers.

17.10.2012 (Wednesday)

Holomorphic Blocks in Three Dimensions

Regular Seminar Sara Pasquetti (Surrey)

14:30 IC
room H503

15.10.2009 (Thursday)

Non-perturbative topological strings

Regular Seminar Sara Pasquetti (CERN)

13:45 QMW
room 410A

A characteristic feature of string theory is the asymptotic nature of the free energy genus expansion indicating the presence of non-perturbative effects due to branes. In certain toy models, such as minimal models or topological strings, the theory admits a matrix model description. In these cases the non-perturbative effects can be interpreted in terms of eigenvalues tunneling in the dual matrix model and the finite N matrix model can be naturally regarded as the non-perturbative completion of the theory. We address the case of the topological string on the Resolved Conifold. We compute the exact non-perturbative contribution to the free energy via Borel analysis and show how it controls the large order behavior of the theory. We interpreted the non-perturbative effects in the dual Chern-Simons matrix models and in the space-time in terms of toric branes.