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23.06.2016 (Thursday)

Bremsstrahlung function, leading Luscher correction at weak coupling and localization

Regular Seminar Michelangelo Preti (Parma U.)

14:00 QMW
room G.O. Jones 610

We discuss the near BPS expansion of the generalized cusp anomalous dimension with L units of R-charge. Integrability provides an exact solution, obtained by solving a general TBA equation in the appropriate limit: we propose here an alternative method based on supersymmetric localization. The basic idea is to relate the computation to the vacuum expectation value of certain 1/8 BPS Wilson loops with local operator insertions along the contour. These observables localize on a two-dimensional gauge theory on S^2, opening the possibility of exact calculations. As a test of our proposal, we reproduce the leading Luscher correction at weak coupling to the generalized cusp anomalous dimension. This result is also checked against a genuine Feynman diagram approach in N=4 Super Yang-Mills theory.