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24.11.2016 (Thursday)

S-matrix bootstrap revisited

Regular Seminar Joao Penedones (Lausanne U.)

14:00 QMW
room G.O. Jones 610

Inspired by the recent success of the numerical approach to the conformal bootstrap, we revisit the S-matrix bootstrap program. We shall explain how to obtain analytic bounds on the interaction strength in 1+1 QFT. In higher dimensions, we propose a numerical algorithm that seems to converge to optimal bounds.

26.02.2016 (Friday)

S-matrix and conformal bootstrap

Regular Seminar Joao Penedones (EPFL)

14:00 KCL
room S2.29

We propose a new strategy to constraint (and perhaps determine) the mass spectrum and the scattering amplitudes of a Quantum Field Theory (QFT). We consider QFT in hyperbolic space and study correlation functions of operators inserted at the conformal boundary. By construction, these observables transform like correlation functions of a lower dimensional Conformal Field Theory. We then apply conformal bootstrap techniques to find universal bounds on the mass spectrum and scattering amplitudes of the QFT. For 1+1 dimensional QFT, we recover the same bounds from a direct S-matrix bootstrap approach.