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08.02.2017 (Wednesday)

Integrable quantum field theories and von Neumann algebras

Regular Seminar Gandalf Lechner (Cardiff University)

13:15 KCL
room G01 Norfolk Building

In this talk, I will report on a research programme that addresses the problem of constructing integrable relativistic quantum field theories on two-dimensional Minkowski space from their two-body S-matrix. The aims of this programme are thus identical to the form factor programme, but the tools are different: Instead of concentrating on a perturbative construction of the correlation functions of local fields, we construct a pair of "semi-local" quantum fields and use operator-algebraic tools to study local fields/observables. This leads to a construction of many models, including the Sinh-Gordon model. As another prominent example, I will also report on the status of the O(N) sigma models within this setting.