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20.04.2017 (Thursday)

2D CFT correlators for theories of class S_k

Regular Seminar Elli Pomoni (DESY)

14:00 QMW
room 610

We will introduce a large class of N=1 superconformal theories Sk which is obtained from Gaiotto’s N=2 class S via orbifolding. We will study the Coulomb branch of the theories in the class by constructing and analyzing their spectral curves. Using our experience from the N=2 AGT correspondence we will search for a 2D/4D relations (AGTk) for the N=1 theories of class Sk. From the curves we will identify the 2D CFT symmetry algebra and its representations, namely the conformal blocks of the Virasoro/W-algebra, that underlie the 2D theory and reproduce the Seiberg-Witten curves of the N = 1 gauge theories. We find that the blocks corresponding to the SU(N) Sk gauge theories involve fields in certain non-unitary representations of the WkN algebra. These conformal blocks give a prediction for the instanton partition functions of the 4D N = 1 SCFTs of class Sk.

13.06.2012 (Wednesday)

M5-Branes, Toric Diagrams and Gauge Theory Duality

Regular Seminar Elli Pomoni (Humboldt U.)

14:00 IC
room H503

16.11.2011 (Wednesday)

Spin Chains and Holography at the Veneziano limit

Triangular Seminar Elli Pomoni (Humboldt)

17:00 KCL
room K1.28

N = 2 SuperConformal QCD is perhaps the simplest theory outside the N = 4 "universality class" that we can attempt to study holographically. It is moreover continuously connected to the N = 4 class by an interpolating family of N = 2 SCFT. Careful analysis of its chiral spectrum points towards a gravity dual description via a non-critical string background. We then turn to the study of spin chains. The complete one-loop Hamiltonian and some higher-loop results already reveal a rich dynamics. We present past results and current progress.