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23.01.2014 (Thursday)

Amplitudes of HIggsed ABJM

Regular Seminar Donovan Young (QMUL)

14:00 QMW
room G.O. Jones 208

14.03.2012 (Wednesday)

19.10.2011 (Wednesday)

Super Yang-Mills Amplitudes in Flatland

Triangular Seminar Donovan Young (NBI)

15:30 City U.
room A130, College building

I will discuss scattering amplitudes in N=2,4,8 SYM in three-dimensions, concentrating on the N=8 case, with an emphasis on which properties of the N=4, D=4 SYM amplitudes survive under dimensional reduction. The on-shell supersymmetry algebra makes the SO(N) symmetry of the amplitudes manifest, while the Lagrangian displays only manifest SO(N-1) symmetry. I will also discuss the possibility of non-local Yangian-type symmetry, connections to BLG, and some perspectives on loop level results. Based on 1103.0786 / 1109.2792.