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18.10.2016 (Tuesday)

On the quantization of a string with endpoint particles and the decay width of the hadronic string

Exceptional Seminar Cobi Sonnenschien (Tel Aviv)

13:30 IC
room H503

Holography inspired stringy hadrons (HISH) is a set of models that describe hadrons: mesons, baryons, glueballs and exotic hadrons as strings in four dimensional at space-time. The models are based on a "map" from stringy hadrons of curved holographic confining backgrounds. In the first part of the talk I will review the "derivation" of the models. I will start with a brief reminder of the passage from the original AdS/CFT correspondence to the string/gauge duality of certain favored confining holographic models. I will then describe the string configurations in these holographic backgrounds that correspond to Wilson lines, mesons, baryons, glueballs and exotics. Key ingredients of the four dimensional picture of hadrons are the "string end-point mass" and the "baryonic string vertex". I will determine the classical trajectories of the HISH spectra. I will review the current understanding of the quantization of these hadronic strings. The computation of HISH decay width of hadrons will be described. In the last part of the talk I will summarize the comparison of the outcome of the HISH models with the PDG data about mesons and baryons. I will present the values of the tension, masses and intercepts extracted from best fits to hadron spectra and write down certain predictions for higher excited hadrons. I will present attempts to identify glueballs. The decay width of certain hadrons will be compared with the theoretical calculation. I will suggest a window to the landscape of tetra-quarks and other exotic hadrons.