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08.02.2016 (Monday)

Partition Functions in Even Dimensional AdS via Quasinormal Mode Methods

Exceptional Seminar Cindy Keeler (NBI)

14:00 IC
room H503

After a review of the quasinormal mode method for partition function calculation developed by Denef, Hartnoll, and Sachdev, we study a scalar in AdS2. We find a series of zero modes with negative real values of the conformal dimension whose presence indicates a series of poles in the one-loop partition function. The contribution of these poles to the AdS partition function at physical mass values matches previous results. Additionally, extending our results to AdS in any even dimension 2n, we find a similar series of zero modes related to discrete series representations of SO(2n,1), and successfully calculate the one-loop determinant from these modes. Finally, we speculate on the physical meaning of these non-physical-mass modes.