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13.05.2015 (Wednesday)

Resolved Warped Deformed Conifolds and Black M3-Branes in the Large-N MQGP Limit

Regular Seminar Aalok Misra (Indian Institute of Technology)

13:15 KCL
room G.01

We will discuss the construction of type IIA mirror a la Strominger Yau Zaslow prescription and its M-theory uplift in the delocalized limit {resulting in black M3-branes=asymptotically black M5-branes wrapping large integer sum of two-spheres in AdS_5xM_6} of type IIB backgrounds involving non-Kaehler resolved warped deformed conifolds in the presence of [fractional]D3 and wrapped D7-branes relevant to thermal QCD with fundamental quarks. We will show that the local T^3 relevant to SYZ mirror construction obeys the same constraint as the maximal T^2-invariant special Lagrangian three-cycle of deformed conifolds. We also discuss evaluation of the SU(3) structure torsion classes of the type IIB background and show its (approximate) Kaehlerity. We will also discuss thermodynamical/hydrodynamical properties as well as evaluation of a variety of transport coefficients {from correlation functions of gauge and metric fluctuations}, speed of sound and QCD deconfinement temperature consistent with lattice data.

26.05.2011 (Thursday)

Towards Big Divisor Swiss Cheese mu-Split Supersymmetry Scenario

Regular Seminar Aalok Misra (IIT, Roorkee)

16:00 QMW
room 602

Starting with type IIB string theory compactified on an orientifold of a Swiss-Cheese Calabi-Yau expressed as a degree-18 hypersurface in the weighted complex projective space WCP4(1,1,1,6,9), in the presence of a mobile space-time filling D3-brane and fluxed (stack(s) of) space-time filling D7-brane(s) wrapping the 'big' (as opposed to the 'small') divisor, we give a geometric proposal for obtaining a super-massive gravitino in the inflationary epoch and a 'light' gravitino in the present era in a single setup. We also show that the setup naturally realizes a 'mu-split supersymmetry scenario' wherein having restricted the mobile D3-brane to the big divisor, one obtains super-massive D3-brane positon moduli - identified as the two Higgs doublets - at the string scale and after 1-loop Nath-Arnowitt RG-evolution to the EW scale, one obtains one light and one super-massive Higgs doublet. Also, the fermions (quarks-leptons) corresponding to the fermionic super-partners of the Wilson line moduli, are very light but the Higgsino mass parameter is very large. I also discuss issues like neutrino masses, gluino and proton decays. As a bonus, I will discuss obtaining the geometric Kaehler potential (relevant to the moduli space Kaehler potential in the presence of a mobile D3-brane) corresponding to a Ricci-flat metric for the Swiss-Cheese Calabi-Yau used in the large volume limit using Gauged Linear Sigma Model techniques for obtaining the geometric Kaehler potential for the big divisor, and the Donaldson's algorithm for obtaining Ricci-flat metrics, as guides.