23.01.2008 (Wednesday)

Looking for higher dimensional droplets in AdS5 x S5

Regular Seminar Aristomenis Donos (DESY)

14:00 IC
room Huxley 503

We will discuss the properties of geometries dual to BPS states of N=4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory. Despite the non-linearity of the problem, we develop a universal bubbling AdS description of these geometries by focusing on the boundary conditions which ensure their regularity. In the 1/8 BPS case, we find that the S3 cycle shrinks to zero size on a five-dimensional locus inside the six-dimensional base. Enforcing regularity of the full solution requires that the interior of a smooth, generally disconnected five-dimensional surface be removed from the base. The AdS5 x S5 ground state corresponds to excising the interior of an S5, while the 1/8 BPS excitations correspond to deformations (including topology change) of the S5 and/or the excision of additional droplets from the base.