10.05.2007 (Thursday)

The twistor programme and twistor strings (From twistor-strings to quantum gravity)

Regular Seminar Lionel Mason (Oxford University)

13:30 IC
room Huxley 503

The twistor programme was introduced by Roger Penrose as an approach to quantum gravity in which twistor space should provide the primary geometric background for physics from which space-time should emerge. This talk will review the programme, i.e., the early successes in formulating the self-dual parts of Yang-Mills and gravity on twistor space. It will go on to review the impact of twistor-string theory, in giving at least a perturbative approach to full Yang Mills and conformal gravity, and outline arguments that prove the equivalence between the twistor-string models and the space-time theories. Finally, twistor-string models for Einstein gravity will be reviewed.