08.11.2017 (Wednesday)

Twisted BRST quantization and localization in supergravity

Regular Seminar Sameer Murthy (King's College London)

13:15 KCL
room K4.31

Supersymmetric localization is a powerful technique to evaluate a class of functional integrals in supersymmetric field theories. It reduces the functional integral over field space to ordinary integrals over the space of solutions of the off-shell BPS equations. The application of this technique to supergravity suffers from some problems, both conceptual and practical. I will discuss one of the main conceptual problems, namely how to construct the fermionic symmetry with which to localize. I will show how a deformation of the BRST technique allows us to do this. I will then sketch a computation of the one-loop determinant of the super-graviton that enters the localization formula for BPS black hole entropy.