18.10.2017 (Wednesday)

On the exact interpolating function in ABJ theory

Regular Seminar Andrea Cavaglia (KCL)

13:15 KCL
room K4.31

I will discuss integrability in the context of planar AdS4/CFT3, where the CFT is the so-called ABJ model depending on two t'Hooft couplings. When the two couplings are equal, this reduces to the ABJM theory, whose integrable structure is well understood but depends on an unspecified interpolating function of the coupling. I will motivate a proposal that the most general ABJ case is also integrable, and that the two coupling constants l1 and l2 recombine into a single interpolating function h( l1 , l2 ) , so that the spectrum is a function of h only. Extending and idea by N. Gromov and G. Sizov on the ABJM case, an explicit conjecture for the form of h(l1, l2) wil be made, based on the comparison between integrability and localization results. The talk is based on the paper hep-th/1605.04888 with N. Gromov and F. Levkovich-Maslyuk.