02.10.2017 (Monday)

AdS3/CFT2 and F-Theory

Regular Seminar Christopher Couzens (King's)

11:00 City U.
room E205

In this talk we consider holographic duals of F-theory solutions to 2d SCFT's. We approach the problem by classifying a particular class of solutions of type IIB supergravity with AdS_3 factors and varying axio-dilaton. The class of solutions we discuss consist of D3 and 7-brane configurations and naturally fall into the realm of F-theory. We prove that for (0,4) supersymmetry in 2d the solutions are essentially unique and we match the holographic central charges to field theory results. We comment on future directions, including AdS_3 solutions of F-theory, preserving different amounts of supersymmetry.