13.09.2017 (Wednesday)

Higher-loop amplitude monodromy relations in string and gauge theory

Regular Seminar Piotr Tourkine (DAMTP)

14:00 IC
room H503

The monodromy relations of scattering amplitudes in string theory provide an elegant formalism to understand some mysterious properties of tree-level field theory amplitudes, like the color-kinematics duality. This duality has been instrumental in tremendous progress on the computations of loop-amplitudes in quantum field theory, but a loop-level generalisation of the stringy monodromy construction has been lacking for many years. In this talk I will first describe some of these recent developments in the domain of scattering amplitudes in gauge and gravity theories. I’ll then review the monodromies of open string worldsheets and how the lead at tree-level to deepening the understanding of the gauge theory perturbative expansion. Then I will describe in a non-technical manner our results and how we managed to extend these relations to all loops in string and field theory. I’ll finish by discussing implications for the loop expansion in general, and how to extend in principle these results to gravity. I will assume no prior knowledge of the audience in modern scattering amplitudes methods.