10.05.2017 (Wednesday)

M-theory on deformed Sasaki-Einstein manifolds

Regular Seminar Stefanos Katmadas (IPhT, Saclay)

14:00 IC
room H503

Compactifications of M-theory down to AdS4 are known to arise from Sasaki-Einstein internal spaces. The latter can be viewed as surfaces enclosing Calabi-Yau cone singularities, whose deformations can be described algebraically in a well established way. In this talk, I will present work in progress on describing deformations of the enclosing surfaces away from the Sasaki-Einstein metric, using the deformations of the Calabi-Yau cone. This provides a realisation of a class of SU(3) structure manifolds satisfying the conditions postulated in the standard treatments of M-theory compactifications on such manifolds. The result is a proposal for obtaining four dimensional N=2 supergravity models with gauged hypermultiplets from deformations of regular Sasaki-Einstein manifolds.