08.12.2016 (Thursday)

Classification of surface defects from Little Strings

Regular Seminar Nathan Haouzi (UC Berkeley)

13:00 IC
room H503

The so-called 6d (2,0) conformal field theory in six dimensions, labeled by an ADE Lie algebra, has become of great interest in recent years. Most notably, it gave new insights into lower dimensional supersymmetric field theories, for instance in four dimensions, after compactification. In this talk, I will talk about a deformation of this CFT, the six-dimensional (2,0) little string theory: its origin lies in type IIB string theory, compactified on an ADE singularity. We further compactify the 6d little string on a Riemann surface with punctures. The resulting defects are D-branes that wrap the 2-cycles of the singularity. This construction has many applications, and I will focus on one: I will provide the little string origin of the classification of surface defects of the 6d (2,0) CFT, for ADE Lie algebras. Furthermore, I will give the physical realization of the so-called Bala-Carter labels that classify nilpotent orbits of these Lie algebras.