29.08.2016 (Monday)

STiL 2016: Supersymmetry, Geometry, and Holography

Exceptional Seminar - - (-)

10:00 KCL
room tba

29 August - 3 September, King's College London.

This workshop intends to bring together leading experts and young researchers working on the broad themes of quantum field theory, black holes and gravitation, and holography, so as to share new ideas, calculations, and results in a focused setting.

The topics covered in the workshop include:

  • Symmetries and dualities in field theory and gravity
  • Classical and quantum aspects of black holes
  • Supersymmetric localization and exact results
  • Mathematical aspects of string theory
  • Supergravity solutions and holography

Registration will be closed on 8 July 2016 or when positions are filled.