03.02.2016 (Wednesday)

Holographic cosmology and Planck data

Triangular Seminar Kostas Skenderis (Southampton)

16:00 City U.
room AG07b

I will present holographic models for the very early Universe, the period usually associated with inflation, and compare the predictions of these models against Planck 2015 data. Within the holographic framework the early Universe is described by a three dimensional QFT. Conventional inflation is included in this framework as strong coupled QFT while qualitatively new models arise when the QFT has weak or intermediate coupling. The weakly coupled models describe a very quantum early Universe and it turns out that these models fit the Planck data remarkably well, providing an alternative to LambdaCDM. New models based on QFT at intermediate coupling may be constructed using Lattice methods and I will also describe on-going work in this direction.