16.12.2015 (Wednesday)

Effective theories of thermoelectric transport from holography

Regular Seminar Blaise Gouteraux (Stanford)

14:00 IC
room H503

In this talk, I will summarize recent progress in the description of thermoelectric transport using gauge/gravity duality. I will first review thermoelectric transport in hydrodynamics, where momentum conservation implies infinite zero-frequency conductivities. By a change of basis of the conserved currents, a universal, finite conductivity can be extracted. It can be computed holographically. I will discuss its low-temperature scaling in terms of critical exponents characterizing time and space anisotropy and anomalous dimensions for the free energy and conserved current. When momentum is almost conserved, the zero-frequency delta functions broaden into Drude-like peaks. A holographic computation precisely identifies the redistribution of the low-frequency spectral weight between two contributions originating from the non-conservation of momentum and intrinsic dissipation respectively. It also sheds some light on how to construct effective theories of thermoelectric transport when momentum is not conserved.