11.11.2015 (Wednesday)

Exact Results for Entanglement and Renyi Entropies, and their Gravity Duals

Regular Seminar Julian Sonner (University of Geneva)

14:30 IC
room H503

The recent focus on entanglement entropy in holography has many motivations, ranging from the applied (e.g. AdS/CMT) to the foundational (emergence of gravity). For all of these programs It is important to find examples, where the quantities of interest can be directly calculated in strongly-coupled field theories and, moreover, the dual geometry constructed at strong coupling. In this talk I will describe joint work with Crossley and Dyer on using localization methods to obtain entanglement and (super-) Renyi entropies of the N=4 SYM theory with gauge group SU(N) in 4D at all values of the t Hooft coupling \lambda and number of colors N. Since obtaining quantities like entanglement and Renyi entropies involves working on singular spaces, which typically break the supersymmetry, we focus on a supersymmetric generalization, the so-called super-Renyi entropy where the supersymmetry breaking effects of the singularities are suitably compensated. I will also discuss dual gravity solutions as five-dimensional BPS black holes with hyperbolic horizon. I will conclude with a description of Wilson loops, that is the contribution to the entanglement and Renyi entropies due to adding fundamental matter to the theory.