22.10.2015 (Thursday)

String theory effective actions and universality of alpha' corrections to BPS,non-BPS systems

Journal Club Ehsan Hatefi (Queen Mary)

14:00 QMW
room G.O. Jones 610

We start by providing complete insights about the standard ways of finding couplings in effective field theory , and present most of the supersymmetric and non-supersymmetric scattering amplitudes of both type IIA,IIB superstring theory as well as their corrections. We would also like to address the way of obtaining a universal conjecture for DBI, Chern-Simons and new Wess Zumino actions with their corrections. We then move on to provide a comprehensive explanation even for D- brane-anti D-brane systems, where various new techniques will be also illustrated. If time allows , we then mention several issues related to those effective actions and eventually highlight some open problems.