07.05.2014 (Wednesday)

The fermionic basis in sin(h)-Gordon model

Informal Seminar Stefano Negro (Durham and Turin)

13:15 KCL
room K -1.56

Recently a powerful approach to the computation of one-point functions in the quantum XXZ spin 1/2 chain has been proposed by Boos, Jimbo, Miwa and Smirnov; this framework relies on the existence of a particular basis in the state space of the theory: the fermionic basis. I will present the construction of these fermions for the scaling limit of inhomogeneous XXZ spin 1/2 chain, the sine-Gordon model, and for its twin, the sinh-Gordon model. If time allows it, I will briefly present a possible interpretation of the fermionic basis and one-point functions in terms of the action of a modified version of the sinh-Gordon model.