05.02.2014 (Wednesday)

Exceptional geometry, gauged supergravity and the tensor hierarchy

Regular Seminar Mariana Grana (IPhT Saclay)

13:15 KCL
room S -1.04

Exceptional generalised geometry (or exceptional field theory) is an extension of generalised complex geometry (or double field theory) "geometrising" all degrees of freedom of 11d or type II supergravity. Concentrating on the case in which the 11d tangent space is split into four and seven dimensional spaces, we will discuss the geometry and gauge structure of these exceptional theories. We will show how closure of the "exceptional Lie algebra" requires adding a tower of four-dimensional p-form fields, known in the 4d gauged supergravity language as the tensor hierarchy. This indicates the existence of an underlying structure compatible with the E_{11} construction.