16.10.2013 (Wednesday)

3D Bosonization and Chern-Simons Vector Models

Regular Seminar Guy Gur-Ari (Weizmann Institute)

13:15 KCL
room S-1.04

Chern-Simons theories coupled to vector matter exhibit interesting phenomena. In the planar limit, these theories are conjectured to be holographically dual to generalized theories of gravity, involving high-spin fields. This is a weak-weak holographic duality that is in some aspects very simple, and may serve as a toy model for deepening our understanding of both holography and string theory. On the CFT side, exact calculations performed in the planar limit, along with constraints imposed by a ‘slightly-broken’ high-spin symmetry, have led to many exact results. These have uncovered the details of a 3D bosonization duality, relating theories with bosonic matter to theories with fermionic matter. I will present dynamical evidence for this duality.