05.12.2012 (Wednesday)

AdS/Ricci-flat correspondence

Regular Seminar Kostas Skenderis (Southampton)

13:15 KCL
room S4.23

We show that for every asymptotically AdS solution compactified on a torus there is a corresponding Ricci-flat solution obtained by replacing the torus by a sphere, performing a Weyl rescaling of the metric and appropriately analytically continuing the dimension of the torus/sphere (as in generalized dimensional reduction). This correspondence should allow us to develop a holographic dictionary for Ricci-flat spacetimes. In particular, it maps Minkowski spacetime to AdS on a torus, the holographic stress energy tensor of AdS to the stress energy tensor due to a brane localized in the interior of spacetime and AdS black branes to (asymptotically flat) Schwarzschild black branes. Applying it to the known solutions describing the hydrodynamic regime in AdS/CFT, we compute the dispersion relation of the Gregory-Laflamme unstable modes through cubic order in the wavenumber, finding remarkable agreement with numerical data. We further obtain the fluid dual to Rindler spacetime and show that its transport coefficients through second order follow from the AdS ones.