28.03.2012 (Wednesday)

Generalized structures of ten-dimensional supersymmetric solutions

Regular Seminar Alessandro Tomasiello (Milan)

13:15 KCL
room S4.23

Four-dimensional supersymmetric type II string theory vacua can be described elegantly in terms of pure spinors on the generalized tangent bundle T+T. This leads to constraints on M6 involving Hitchin's "generalized complex geometry". In this talk, we apply the same techniques to any ten-dimensional supersymmetric solution, not necessarily factorized as AdS4xM6 or Mink4xM6. I will describe a system of differential equations in terms of forms describing a "generalized ISpin(7) structure" is equivalent to unbroken supersymmetry, in both IIA and IIB. One of the equations in the system reproduces in one fell swoop all the pure spinors equations for four-dimensional vacua.